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Multifunctional desks für children and teens


ergo desks for children and teens

Childrens tables and school desks do have to endure robust treatment but still it is important for young people to use furniture that preserves their health and thus learn the importance of a good working position.

MOECKEL ergo desks are individually adjustable to special demands of their users. Adaptation to the correct height can be achieved in a second. The tilt of desktop can be set very easily, depending on the model you use. Some of these tables may also be seen as therapy gear.

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An ergonomically optimized desk increases the ability to concentrate while working. Even motivation can be increased through healthy conditions. Encourage your children an teens in their development phase, by optimizing the conditions and the learning environment.

The following items might be of interest for you:

Height adjustable school desks

Because of their outstanding quality all the above listed tables can also be used as school furniture.

Recomended seat and table hights for children and teens
Please see: Seat and table height in relation to body height ISO 5970.



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