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Sit/Stand-on table ergo S 72 R

Product features

  • infinitely variable adjustment of table height - from 72 to 122 cm - 50 cm stroke
  • Stepless inclination of table top: 0° to 90°
  • One hand lever as crank opens and locks the multi-disc brake for height- and inclination adjustment.
  • Mechanic folds together
  • Total weight balance for table top through gas spring
  • Space between feet of rack: 72 cm
  • Rack powder-coated, light-grey RAL 7035
  • Table sizes see chart below
  • Decor of plate: gray or beech décor
  • 4 adjustable screw feet, for uneven grounds
    - castors optional see »Equipment

Easy adjustable in height and inclination

Indispensable wherever there is a demand for quick hight adjustment.

This table with a circular cut plate is a perfect childrens desk for comfortable use.
Playing, crafting, reading...

Tops with rounded edges make an ideal match for children in kindergarden, elementry school, schools and also for private use, such as hobby, creativ artwork, etc.

All functons are easily adjusted with just one hand lever. The rack is suitable for use with a wheelchair.

Therapie-Tisch ergo S 72 R

The Letter "R"

indicates that this table is suitable for wheelchairs. It is robust and simple to handle. All functions are easily adjusted with just one hand lever.

["R" like in "Rollstuhlunterfahrbar". This wonderfully composed word twists even german tongues ;-) ]
therapie xy-a
With a circular cut it is the perfect desk for people with special demands. It is comfortable to use, robust, easy to handle and it's suitable for wheelchairs. For various occasions as desk for working, playing, crafting, reading.... All functons are easily adjusted with just one hand lever.

Selected item:

ergo M3

Optional equipment:

castors 4 castors for models S and P
360° swiveling - with breaks
(adjustable feet omitted for technical raeson)
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - lateral
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - frontal
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
Stop ruleStop rule - 5mm normal height

Bag holderBag holder for ergo S and P

swivel traySwivel tray (S & P desks) 30 x 20 cm or 25 x 15 cm including bracket


Stop bars on 3 sidesStop bars on 3 sides
Elevation ca. 30 mm - with beveled edges
Steel topSteel top with 2 magnets

Special stop ruleSpecial stop rule
lateral guided (clamped on)

Table sizes and designs

table sizes

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