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Height- & inclination adjustable desk ergo P3 52 R

Product features

  • 50 cm stroke with flat desk top
  • infinitely variable table height from 52 to 102 cm
  • one hand lever as crank opens and locks the multi-disc brake for height adjustment. (The hand lever is fixed to the right as standard - with a PC-holder on the right side it is moved to the left)
  • Brake opens and locks at any position - for height adjustment.
  • One or even two plates, depending on type, with stepless inclination of plate from 0° to 85° and spring balanced weight - can be set back from any position.
  • Total weight balance for table top through gas spring. Weight balance can be regulated at any time (max. 30 kg)
  • Space between feet of rack: 72 cm
  • Rack powder-coated, light-grey RAL 7035
  • Table sizes see chart below
  • Decor of plate: gray or beech décor
  • 4 adjustable screw feet, for uneven grounds - castors optional see »Equipment

Articulated lift desk with inclining table top

ergo P1 52 - easy height adjustment.
Quick change from one hight to the other. Keeps the adequat height through the "fast grow" period.

Modern learning and leisure offers less and less physical activity, the children so desperately need for their developement.

MOCKEL multi-functional ergo-P tables with 50 cm stroke offer new mobility, a real sit-stand table to keep your spine and muscles in healthy motion.

Models with 90 cm width of plate have straight foot tubes.

P3 Models whose desk tops are wider than 90 cm have outwardly cranked foot tubes.

ergo P3 Typen

ergo P3 - the most multi talented

The ergo P3 R is the most versatile model of the "P"-Range.
It offeres a variety of different designs for most divers purposes and situations that demand alternating heights and positions.

The easy handling promts you to change your position whenever you like - your disks an muscular system profit from this action.
hoehen- und neigungsverstellbarer tisch
ergo P3 52 Type C
hoehen- und neigungsverstellbarer tisch
ergo P3 52 Type D

Selected item:

ergo M3

Optional equipment:

castors 4 castors for models S and P
360° swiveling - with breaks
(adjustable feet omitted for technical raeson)
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - lateral
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - frontal
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
Stop ruleStop rule - 5mm normal height

Bag holderBag holder for ergo S and P


rounded edges4 Rounded edges
on types ergo P3 or ergo M3  #30
anti wedge brushAnti wedge brush - protects fingers from being caught between the plates of "3" models #33
Stop bars on 3 sidesStop bars on 3 sides
Elevation ca. 30 mm - with beveled edges
Steel topSteel top with 2 magnets

Special stop ruleSpecial stop rule
lateral guided (clamped on)

Table sizes and designs

table sizes

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