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Tilt adjustable plate - basic P4

Product features

  • basic P4 with static table height 76 cm
  • Overall size of panel is 80 x 65 cm - with sturdy desk-top positions
  • Stepless inclination of desk top from 0° to 85° and spring balanced weight - can be moved back from any position. The rear part of the panel stays in horizontal position at any step of inclination of the front part
  • Space between feet of rack: 66 cm
  • Rack powder-coated, light-grey (RAL 7035) - the inclining structure is black (RAL 9005)
  • Decor of plate: grey or beech décor
  • Table sizes see chart below
  • 4 adjustable screw feet, for uneven grounds - castors optional - see »Equipment

Inclineable top with horizontal tray

basic P4 is designed for use with quick changing working angles of plate.
  • always with horizontal panel for your utensils.
  • can be set back from any position
For working situations that demand alternating angles of the desk top. The board lifts up very easy and can be set back from any chosen angle.
tisch mit immer waagrechter ablage

Always horizontal tray at inclined plate

School table for creative work here with special colour in red.
basic P4 Animation

Selected item:

selected item

Optional equipment:

castors 4 castors for models S and P
360° swiveling - with breaks
(adjustable screw feet omitted for technical raeson)
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - lateral
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
2 fixed wheels2 fixed wheels - frontal
plus 4 adjustable screw feet
Stop ruleStop rule - 5mm normal height

swivel traySwivel tray (S & P desks) 30 x 20 cm or 25 x 15 cm including bracket


Table sizes and designs

table sizes

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