Möckel Feinmechanik

Precision drafting machine MAG/S and MAG/K go on


  • Horizontal carriages with giudes in ball races
  • Detachable with one hand
  • ergonomically optimized knob
  • Central control with automatic indexing action
  • Horizontal break automatic opening
  • 15º indexing 360º protractor head, locking at intermediate angles

Technical data of MAG /S and MAG /K are identical. The K-version can be mounted with steel quick-action mounting clamps to boards from 12 to 30 mm | 0,47 to 1,18" thickness. This makes a quick mounting extension possible to use.

Heads for MAG /S and MAG /K are:
ZK /BR and ZK/mF


Clip the carriage into it's rail and you are ready for drawing...

The drafting machine MAG version "/S" (first picture of slide show) has a horizontal track screwed to the board.

The MAG version "/K" (following pictures) is mounted to the board with quick-action mounting clamps.

This allowes a change to other boards and
the use of the MAG/K quick mounting extension.

The vertical track and carriage is clipped into the horizontal track within a second.

Präzisions-Zeichenmaschine MAG
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Ready to use in a second

Precise guiding in horizontal track. Horizontal carriages detachable with one hand.
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Optional equipment:

Fixed aluminium tool trayFixed aluminium tool tray
on total length of board
Mounting extensionMounting extension
for MAG/K, LX-3, LX-2 drafting machines
(right hand versions only)
MagtainerMagtainer  Steel cabinet for storage of MAG/K or LX-3 drafting machines
Magtainer Aufbewahrungsschrank  
The "MAGtainer" is a storage cabinet for Moeckel drafting machines MAG and LX-3 with special clamps to hold the drawing machines safely.

Protects tracks and protractor heads.
Additional shelfs are possible
(size: 50 x 100 cm as accessory)

Overall size of cabinet:
W/D/H: 100,4 x 53,5 x 195 cm
Lockalble with secure-lock.

Steel case powder coated light grey (RAL 7035).

Holding 20 drawing machnes MAG/S
in size "ISO A1" (594 x 840 mm)
Order-No. 6784066.50

Holding 8 drawing machnes LX-3
in size "ISO A1" (594 x 840 mm)
Order-No. 6784066.52

Holding 16 drawing machnes LX-3
in size "ISO A2" (420 x 594)
Order-No. 6784066.54

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