Möckel Feinmechanik

High precision drafting machine LX-2


  • Rearward mounted on board.
  • Clearance slot for oversize paper.
  • Sturdy, double-wall tracks.
  • Vertical track can be lifted by up to ca. 90°
  • Horizontal and vertcal brake with automatic readjustment.
  • Counterbalance in vertical track
  • Hight precision double hinge protractor head can be lifted by up to 115°; for drawing sheets up to 8 mm thickness
  • Vertical track end wheel adjustable in height.
  • Polymer covered (acetal) precision ball races in both carriages.

  • LX-2 is delivered dismounted.

For medium and large sized boards.

Protractor heads for LX-2 are:
ZG /aV and ZG/aB


For professional drafting

with strong anodized aluminium track and four acetal covered precision ball races.

Auto adjusting brakes.

Made for large and medium board sizes.
Patented design by Moeckel with more than 50 years of experience.

Suitable drafting tables are ergo SZ and ergo FZ.

Präzisions-Zeichenmaschine MAG

Easy to mount

Precise guiding in all tracks.
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Optional equipment:

Fixed aluminium tool trayFixed aluminium tool tray
on total length of board
Mounting extensionMounting extension
for LX-2 drafting machines
(right hand versions only)
Additional track end wheelAdditional track end wheel for LX-2


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