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Product features ergo M7-1 R

  • Infinitely adjustable table heights:
    ergo M1 50 - from ca. 50 to 75 cm - 25 cm stroke (Childrens table)
    ergo M1 68 - from ca. 68 to 112 cm - 44 cm stroke
    ergo M1 72 - from ca. 72 to 120 cm - 48 cm stroke (optional)
  • Quick adjustment (S) one hand lever opens and locks the height adjustment. Optionally with quick-action-crank (K) or electric powered adjustment (E).
  • Height adjustment smooth running with ball bearings. No accidental declining.
  • The front table top is fixed, ie. without inclination of plate.
  • Monitor panel separately adjustable from 0 to -27 cm in relation to the desk top - with crank infinitely adjustable (or alternatively per notching in 28 mm steps)
  • Plus: Monitor panel has infinitely adjustable tilt angle of +5° to -20 ° - in relation to flat desk top
  • Balanced counterweight for table top - can be regulated up to 60 pound, depending on size of board or hardware - easy handling with crank.
  • Space between feet of rack: 81, 108 or 142 cm - depending on size of table.
  • Table sizes see chart below
  • Decor of plate: gray or beech décor
  • Rack powder-coated, light grey - RAL 7035 or black. The lifting frame is always black - RAL 9005
  • 4 adjustable screw feet, for uneven grounds - castors optional - see »Equipment

Independantly adjustable second level top

The ergo M7-1 R is a true sit-stand table. The "R" type has more room underneeth the table top which makes it more comfortable in use - especially for wheelchair users.

The 7-series offers a separatly adjustable second table top for monitors and other devices.
Smooth and save all items and hardware glide up and down.

The ergo M7 is offered with three starting heights: 50 cm - for persons max. 150 cm tall, 68 cm as standard height and 72 cm optionally.

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The desk for professionals

Desk with great legroom.
Suitable for use with wheelchair.

Appropriate for professional CAD.

The MC-series offers a separatly adjustable second table top for monitors and other devices that is adjusted in steps of 28 mm.

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Other models of the 7-series:

ergo M7
ergo M7-2R - with inclining plate
ergo M7-3R - with inclining and fixed plate
Studio desk M7 - individually manufactured

Selected item:

ergo M3
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Optional equipment:

castors 4 castors for models M
360° swiveling - with breaks
(adjustable screw feet omitted for technical raeson)
PC-Tray for S and PPC-Tray "A" - grey, adjustable in width from 110 to 195 mm
Cable trayCable tray / wire basket, grey (horizontal cable routing)

Vertical cable guidingVertical cable guiding, grey

Cable pass throughCable pass through - going through plate. Colour: grey

Quick-action-crankQuick-action-crank (Ks) for height adaption from the side
Quick-action-crankQuick-action-crank frontal (Kf) for height adaption from table front 
Electric DriveElectric Drive for height adaption  


farben-moeckel-tische"Optional Colours for Moeckel desks (RAL*-Colour scheme)

2001 Red orange · 3000 Flame red · 3003 Ruby red · 3004 Purpel red** · 3020 Traffic red · 5010 Gentian blue · 5012 Light blue · 5015 Sky blue · 5023 Distant blue · 6024 Traffic green · 6029 Mint green · 7016 Anthracit grey · 7021 Black grey · 7024 Graphite grey · 7043 Traffic grey B · 9006 White aluminium · 9016 Traffic white

*Please look up the actual Colour on a RAL-Colour chart.

7035 Light grey is the standard colour free of extra charge. Black is can be chosen as standard colour at some models (M). The lifting frame, the moving part of the lift, is always black.

Table sizes and designs

table sizes

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