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Multifunctional ergonomic adjustable desks

adjustable children  and teens tables
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MÖCKEL Precision Engineering

presents to you a variety of height and/or inclination adjustable desks in their subject related context.

Please see the assignment of the models made here only as one possible categorization.

So it makes perfect sense to look around the other themes as well.

A systematic product overview by series can be found under "Info & Prices »All Products".

Quality for your benefit

Schools all over Europe use the gathered experience since 1948 and the high degree of customization that Moeckel offers in the planning and production of special tables.
In rehabilitation and health care, Moeckel height-adjustable tables are like the benchmark for manufactoring.

The product range stretches from valuable office environments to private children's rooms. Moeckel tables are used where the health of their users is evaluated highly - regardless of age or body height.

As ffor multifunctinal desks Moeckel offers various smart solutions for equipment of schools, offices, it-teaching, recording studios up to staff- and coordination facilities of public administration, Poice, Fire Brigades or civil protection.

Moeckel design is functional with elaborate ergonomic concepts. The quality nearly indestructible with our manufacturers warranty and a lifelong service.

With products from Moeckel you invest in good health, more productivity and in well-being.

MOECKEL - Pofessional Desks

Multifunctional desks adjustable in height- and inclination - with manufacturer's warranty!

Design, manufacturing and marketing of special furniture for office, data processing, schooling, communication and conferences.

MOECKEL specializes in sit-stand desks and also in height- and inclination adjustable Tables.

This includes furniture for ergotherapy and schools. The MOECKEL product range covers lecterns, children's tables, group tables for seminar- or conference rooms and also therapy benches and stools for active sitting.

We distinguish ergo-desks with infinite variable height adaption , variable-desks with tilt-adaption and basic desks with a fixed table height.

Traditionally we manufacture drafting tables, drawing machines, and ergonomoclly optimized protractor heads with our own designs.

MOECKEL designs and produces drawing machines in Germany.


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